Fall Bucket List Printable

Fall Bucket List

Disclaimer: I wrote this a couple of years ago and have now transferred my shop from it's old hosting site to this new one. Today, September 22, 2020, is the first official day of Fall this year, so I thought I would re-share this with you. It is the year 2020 so there are precautions to take and social distancing measures to follow due to COVID-19. Please keep that in mind and be proactive to adapt these ideas as you read this post.

It's finally Fall! I wait with anticipation for this day all year long. This is my favorite season after all. So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite things to do this season!

1. Attend a Fall Festival!

My favorite festival of the year takes place every year in our community. It reminds me of the Fall Festival in Gilmore Girls. At our festival, there are funnel cakes to be eaten and talented vendors to be explored. I’m sure you have a festival nearby too! Do some investigating and find your hidden festival gem! 

2. Spend time outdoors.

You will find me on my deck with a hot coffee (yes, it contains pumpkin spice creamer) and a good book on most days during the Fall season. It’s the time of year that I look forward to.
My husband and I love sitting on the deck and dreaming through the trees. I will probably be wrapped in a cozy blanket while writing down some new shop ideas this season. I can’t wait! Here I come, Fall!

3. Purchase tickets to an event.

Football is a widely popular and loved event of the Fall. So what if you don’t even like football! *Silently puts hand down.* Go for the experience! Buy a ticket, take some extra money for some snacks, and enjoy the fandom!

Do you prefer the arts? Would you like to go to a show instead? My husband and I love Broadway shows. We’re going to watch Aladdin on Broadway this week! Community Theatre can also be fun to attend.

Do your research on events near you. Be proactive in your Fall enjoyment!

4. Host a bonfire.

Gather a group of friends. Gather your mugs. Gather your blankets. Gather your ingredients. Gather your games.

Get creative! Who can come up with the best s’more creation around? You can find some unique and tasty ideas on Pinterest. I love to buy a variety of chocolate bars like Reese’s and Cookies and Cream Hershey’s in addition to the milk-chocolate Hershey’s bar.

5. Take a hike.

We live in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, so we have plenty of options to hike nearby. Are you too far? Is this not really your thing anyway? That’s totally fine! See another fun option below. No hiking required, just a mode of transportation.

6. Go on a drive.


Explore your surroundings! Pick a nearby town and drive. Take the scenic route along the way. You will never know what adventures you can find until you venture out of your home. Do some research. You may find some small town hidden gems. Adventure is out there!

7. Visit a pumpkin patch.


Take your camera. This is such a fun DIY way to get those photos you always dreamed about. Take some pictures and add a warm filter to them. Go during magic hour for the best Fall magic! 

Or you can just go to physically pick your own pumpkin for some pies or carving!

8. Get lost in a corn maze.

Believe it or not. You’re never too old to visit a corn maze. See if your corn maze has any special night events too! Those are always fun.

9. DIY Fall Project

From decorating your front porch to putting together your very own fall tablescape. This season we’re more likely to host groups in our homes for some plain old fashioned fellowship or for a meal. Why don’t you spruce it up a bit?

Pinterest is such a great help for these kind of things. You can find your style by pinning what you like and then mimic those photos. I find it so relaxing to work on a DIY project. It also gives me great joy to know that I put something together myself.

I’m collecting Fall mums and pumpkins for my front porch this year. I’ll hang a wreath and an apple-picking sign too. I’m on the hunt for some large lanterns to add some height to my porch right now. It’s almost complete! Keep an eye out for a blog post on my Fall decor this year!

10. Schedule a Fall Mini Session.


This is easily one of the best investments that we make at least once a year. It’s like having documentation of our lives. It’s so much fun to see how we’ve grown, and how our faces have changed a little. We like to schedule these in the fall, because it’s our personal favorite time of the year. It’s also much easier to be excited about sending out Christmas cards too, if that’s your thing. Try it out! Mini-sessions are usually quick sessions at a discounted price. Trust me. It’s worth it!



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