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Ways to Memorialize a Baby You Lost

The follow up appointments after my miscarriage were tough. Returning to the clinic where I last held my child in my womb. Watching the Mamas leave their appointments with ultrasounds in their hands. Sitting in the discharge room listening to the excitement in the air of pending nurseries and baby showers. That was my story once too. I swallowed hard and counted the seconds until they were over. I avoided pregnant women in the aisles at Target. I didn’t go to the restroom at HomeGoods, because I didn’t want to walk through the baby aisle to get there. I can remember being at a standstill in my grief. I felt that if I stopped crying or felt better that it...

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My Miscarriage Story

October is miscarriage awareness month. This month is also the month that our first child was supposed to be born. My entire being aches for what should have been. I decided to share my story and a few blog posts related to pregnancy loss this month to help others understand miscarriage and all that comes with it. I didn’t want my grief to silence me. To the Mama that has empty arms today, I am so very sorry. I hope that my story helps you in this time of loss. I understand what it is you are feeling. You are not alone. You are a #fiercemama with a profound love for her very real child. To the friend or family who...

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How To Help Mamas Who Have Experienced Pregnancy Loss (+What Not To Say)

This blog post was co-written with Jessica Popke. She is the co-leader of Embracing Hope: For Women who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss in South Texas. She is a wife and mom of 3 children. Two of which are with our one in Heaven. She has become a dear friend and confidant in my healing. We understand. Loss has a ripple effect, and you hurt so much for me. You were just trying to comfort us after we lost our babies.  You had the best intentions and your words came from a place of love.  No one ever told you what to say or not to say to a grieving Mama. Trust me, I’ve been there too.  I know my...

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Fall Bucket List

Disclaimer: I wrote this a couple of years ago and have now transferred my shop from it's old hosting site to this new one. Today, September 22, 2020, is the first official day of Fall this year, so I thought I would re-share this with you. It is the year 2020 so there are precautions to take and social distancing measures to follow due to COVID-19. Please keep that in mind and be proactive to adapt these ideas as you read this post.

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