Meet the maker.

Put her there, friend! I'm Ashley.

I'm a wife, mom, shop owner, and southern girl through and through. An iced coffee (or a sweet tea) on the deck with me and you'll soon realize how passionate I am about my childhood sweetheart of a husband, my sweet baby boy, and my furry pup-Indy. We'd talk all things Disney and Jesus. But by the end of our conversation, you'd know that I am invested in real conversations that pierce the ever-hesitating veil that we guard are hearts with.

My shop was finally launched after many years of hesitating and second-guessing. I was stuck in a comparison trap. I wasn't good enough. I didn't really know what I was doing. I was too late in the creating game. You know those thoughts too, huh?  I finally remembered that my life is but a fleeting moment in comparison to eternity. And I wasn't going to to waste any more time. And so I began creating tangible, everyday products for a shop that would allow families to celebrate the everyday joys. Whether it's a shirt that makes you happy or a printable that helps aid in the quest to find a little magic to add to your moments. To live intentionally is to have purpose. And to have purpose is to have a life that is full of those meaningful days. That every single step, every conversation, every relationship has added worth and value because of your intentional, magical, messy, good life.

Grace Collective is a one woman shop- I hand-letter, draw, digitize, package, and ship every order in my small basement studio. My husband, Robbie, is my loudest cheerleader and my fiercest supporter. I couldn't do this without his encouragement.

Friend, I am so incredibly happy you found yourself here. I pray that you find some happy in these pages.