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Our Mission

Live intentionally.

Grace Collective Shop was created out of a passion to see products that challenge people's thoughts. I want the owner of my products to say, "This! Yes! I needed to be reminded of this today," or "I needed that laugh this morning!" I want every item I create to have purpose. To encourage and/or to bring joy to the every day.

Grace Collective creates everyday products that aid individuals in self-expression with intentionality. Whether through voice or sign language, words carry weight and have power. Words can both build and destroy. And I hope that the words that you speak, display in your home, or wear on your shirt are always delivered with purpose. May the words that you choose always be life-giving. May they echo into the dark places and sound into eternity.

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I love sharing craft, styling tips, and all the celebration inspiration, which includes photos from the Grace Collective Shop community!