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Commercial License Agreement

If you have a subscription to The Commercial Plan, all downloads are automatically covered under this license. Please read thoroughly and contact us at if you have any further questions.


  1. Create as many physical products as you like, as long as you're operating within the small shop sector. However, using Print on Demand (POD) services is not permitted at this time.
  2. Include a single physically printed tag in the packages you send out with your products.
  3. Keep selling the products you've already made even if you decide to cancel your subscription until current stock is depleted. For example, if you've created "Mugs/ Banners / Shirts / etc." while subscribed, you can continue selling them until you deplete that current stock of inventory. But if you want to restock, you'll need to remain an active member.


  1. Resell, sublicense, share, or distribute any of the digital files.
  2. Install or embed our designs on third-party platforms or servers. This includes using any graphic as a standalone social media post or as a website banner. Such actions increase the risk of intellectual property theft by allowing others to take the graphic directly from your site.
  3. Convert our templates to other formats and sell them as new templates.
  4. Create new designs or restock existing ones once your subscription has been canceled. For instance, if you decide to cancel your subscription, you are prohibited from creating or restocking items such as "Shirts / Banners / Assembled Pennant Flags / etc." and selling them.

    Physical End Products

    Here are examples of how to use your downloads for Physical End Products. EXAMPLE: Printing a design on a mug and selling that mug.


    1. Download a design and print/transfer it onto a physical item without making modifications, then sell that physical item.
    2. Download a design, modify it, and print/transfer it onto a physical item, then sell that physical item.
    3. Sell unlimited copies of the physical items you create with a design, so long as as you maintain an active commercial membership.
    4. If you are a wholesaler who sells to other shops, you have rights to create physical products as long as they remain within the small shop sector. See below for more on this definition.
    5. Create physical products to give away, to friends, or as part of promotional activities.
    6. Continue selling physical items after your subscription ends, provided that the design is not a restock and that it was created while you had an active subscription. 


    1. Provide a digital copy of the design along with your physical product.
    2. Modify or create new designs, or restock existing designs, after your subscription ends and use them to print on physical products for sale.
    3. License or wholesale any design to large corporations such as Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, or similar stores. Wholesale of our designs is restricted to other small shops solely for physical end products. If you have any inquiries about eligibility, please contact us at
    4. Print and sell a set of my printables as a physical booklet or printed page collection, as it directly competes with my product.

    Digital End Products

    A Digital End Product is a product in a digital format that is intended for sale to multiple people.


    1. Utilize elements of our designs to create a new design specifically for placement on a physical product.
    2. Create new designs by combining multiple downloaded resources and incorporating your own items, ensuring that the resulting design is flattened and the original elements cannot be extracted.


      1. Create end products that directly compete with the original product. For instance, bundling multiple designs and selling them as a new product, or merely changing basic elements such as color and size and marketing it as a new product, is prohibited.
      2. Sell in a manner that competes directly with the original item downloaded. For example, you cannot take a printable bundle and resell it as another printable bundle, or slightly modify it to sell as a separate printable bundle.
      3. Produce a digital product that includes individual elements or enables users to extract these elements. All designs must be flattened, preventing the extraction of individual elements.

      Print on Demand (POD) Usage

      POD is not permitted. POD services allow you to upload products/designs and only print/make them once the customer orders (e.g. RedBubble, Amazon Merch, Zazzle, Printify, PrintedMint, etc). 

      We do not allow the use of Print on Demand (POD) services. It is strictly prohibited to employ our designs in any POD capacity, as we value the exclusivity of small shops who pay for a commercial license and aim to deter more mass production.

      Full License Text

      This license is effective on all sales and downloads made on and after the 20th of March 2024. This license is an agreement between You and Grace Collective, LLC. When downloading an item while you have an active subscription, You will receive the rights to use the items as defined in this license.

      Permitted Usage

      You are allowed to:

      If subscribed to The Commercial Plan, all downloads are covered under this license.

      • Allowed to create unlimited physical end products within the small shop sector.
      • Permitted to include Grace Collective Shop tags in packages.
      • Allowed to continue selling products after canceling subscription, as long as existing inventory is depleted. Restocking requires an active subscription.
      • Can use downloads to print or transfer designs onto physical items and subsequently sell them.
      • Allowed to modify designs and sell physical items with modified designs.
      • Permitted to sell unlimited copies of physical items created with designs while subscribed.
      • Physical products can be given away as gifts or promotional items.
      • Permitted to keep selling physical items after subscription ends, provided the design is not a restock and was created while subscribed.
      • Allowed to use elements to create new designs for physical products only.
      • Permitted to create new designs by combining downloaded resources, as long as the new design is flattened.

      Prohibited Usage

      You are not allowed to:

      • Resell, sublicense, share, or redistribute any digital files.
      • Install or embed designs on 3rd party platforms/servers.
      • Convert templates to other formats and sell them as new templates.
      • Create or restock designs after subscription ends.
      • You cannot print and sell my printables as a physical paper collection or booklet
      • Provide digital copies of designs with physical products.
      • Modify or create new designs after subscription ends and sell them on physical products.
      • License products using any of our designs to large corporations.
      • Create digital or physical products that compete with the original products.
      • Sell in a way directly competitive with the original downloaded item.
      • Create digital products that allow users to extract elements used.
      • Use POD services without explicit permission.

      The description in this license covers most scenarios. However, it can happen that a scenario is not covered. In case you are unclear if the product can be used for your intended use, you agree to contact us at before you start using the product. This license may be updated over time with more use cases. In case these use cases don't actually change the permitted use of the items and is for clarification purposes only, you will not be notified.

      Items or end products cannot be registered as a trademark in any territory. This license gives you non-exclusive rights. Other users can download and use the products as well, so you cannot claim sole ownership.  Please note that many of our poems are original works created by our team. Plagiarism rules apply, and designs and wording may not be duplicated in a manner that implies ownership or authorship. We strictly enforce this policy to protect our intellectual property rights and maintain the integrity of our creative work

      Terms, Indemnification & Disclaimer

      You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Grace Collective, LLC. and its directors, employees, partners, and affiliates from and against any and all allegations, suits, claims, actions, demands, damages, liabilities, obligations, losses, settlements, judgments, costs, and expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys' fees and costs) arising from the use of any products obtained from this site.

      If you have not breached the terms and conditions of this license and suffer damages due to a design used, we will indemnify you by refunding the full charge of your latest subscription, provided that you notify us within three working days of the occurrence of the damage. Decisions regarding indemnification settlements will be made at the sole discretion of Grace Collective. Grace Collective, LLC. is not liable for settlements, legal fees, and/or other costs incurred by any party without prior agreement from the directors of Grace Collective, LLC.

      You acknowledge that few items may be created and contributed by third parties. While we make efforts to remove content that may infringe copyrights or trademarks, Grace Collective cannot be held responsible for such items. You agree to promptly notify us at if you suspect that items may violate local laws or trademarks.

      This license is non-transferable and may not be resold to any third party. If any portion of this license is deemed void or invalid, the remaining portions of the license will remain in full effect.

      In case you have any questions or if you're interested in exclusive designs, you can contact us at

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