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Motel Keychain | DIY Craft Template

Motel Keychain | DIY Craft Template

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This file is guaranteed to work with and is measured for the keychains that are readily available at Hobby Lobby. If you purchase a keychain off of another platform like Amazon, there is a chance that this template will not fit perfectly as I designed it specifically for the motel style keychains you can purchase at Hobby Lobby. I will update this description if and/or when I find a match for this craft. Please plan and use accordingly.

You will need the following supplies for this craft:

  • Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper
  • Hobby Lobby Keychains
  • Printer
  • Optional: Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets (for extra layer of protection)


You will receive 1 PDF with a link to the template and instructions.

Canva is a free tool used by many to make graphic design easy. Here at Grace Collective Shop our printables are hand-drawn and vectorized in Adobe Illustrator. However, to make this very special frame editable for you I had to draw the shape, meticulously measure, and create the frame in the Adobe suite for this specific craft and then upload that frame into Canva. This makes this file not shareable and for personal use only even though I uploaded in an accessible program like Canva.

*If you want to make keychains to sell, you will be required to purchase our monthly commercial membership subscription and adhere to our Commercial Policy Agreement.

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